New Hampshire

New Hampshire was the next stop on our New England tour.  By this time, we realized that the turning of the fall leaves was behind this year.  Instead of heading straight for Vermont we were going to have to meander a bit first.  New Hampshire was the closest logical choice.

On our way we came across this pumpkin stand.  There were many of them all over the place.


The closer we got to the border and higher elevations of New Hampshire the more colour we started to see.  Still not the full show but it was definitely starting.


After we set up at our campground we took the bike out to explore the Kancamagus highway.  Wow!  My obsession with water photos continued.  It was hot in full gear and muggy but I was climbing and lying on rocks to get the perfect shot.  And there were many to be had.





There were also many vistas to enjoy along the road.


And again, some nice reds in the leaves were starting.


Along this highway, you can stop at the Russell Colbath Homestead.  We did a little walkthrough to check out life back in the day.


And then I took some photos of the gravestones on the site.  Now I know this sounds kind of creepy, but the stones are so old there and so picturesque.  I’m afraid they became another photo obsession while we were in the east.


Because of a wrong turn, we came upon a covered bridge.  They are numerous in New Hampshire and this was our introduction.


Didn’t I say I was only going to hit the highlights of our trip?  Hmmm… I think I have strayed from that goal!

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