A Little More of New Hampshire

Wow, it’s been 10 days since my last post. Time has flown by!  Less than two weeks until Christmas!  I hope to do a post about my decorations this year but for today I am giving you a little more about our trip.

We were in New Hampshire for 4 nights altogether. On day 2 we took the bike out.  It was a cloudy day with a bit of rain but it was warm enough to enjoy the ride.  We came across another covered bridge built in 1849.  This was a long one and I was able to get down to the river to take a few shots from a different angle.


Farther down the road we stopped for fuel near this cornfield. Nothing spectacular about it except that I like the composition of this shot!  🙂


Our drive took us along the west side of New Hampshire. So many of the towns have such a historic feel to them.  In Lyme we stopped at another cemetery.  This one was from 1786.  I mean, you gotta love the look of these cemeteries!



With the fall leaves they were so scenic!


This fellow was buried beside his 3 wives. It looks like the last one outlived him.


The next day was rainy so we took the truck south to do a little antiquing and then to Strawbery Banke.


Strawbery Banke is a group of houses from the late 1600’s to the early 20th century.  They’ve been restored to a particular time in their history.  You could speak to guides in each house or, in a couple, they had actors portraying someone from that particular point in history.  It was fascinating.  As we were there midweek in the fall, not all of the houses were open but that worked well for us as we didn’t have a full day to explore.






This was a tavern that George Washington went to at one time. Isn’t that so interesting!


In the beginning this field was a little harbour. Hence the name Strawbery Bank.  It was gradually filled in.


We spent the rest of the afternoon going door to door and then went for a seafood dinner along the harbor.



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