Some Christmas Decor

Today, I thought I would share a sample of what I have done to decorate for Christmas this year. I tried a few new things and of course, went with tradition as well.

Of course, my Christmas village came out this year. My grandsons and I have started a new tradition of hiding little snowmen in it.  So far we have lost only one!  🙂


My mantle this year is all about green and red. With a few faux poinsettias and pine boughs added in.


I hang knitted stockings on either side. I don’t have enough of them for all of us but I always keep my eyes open for some to add to the collection so we can use them for gifts.  And I am a fan traditional poinsettias, usually picking up a red and a white one.


This year, I put my Christmas mugs in this metal basket. They are easy to get to and look festive.


My pompom wreath from last year is sporting some wooden angel wings and the burlap flower from last year. I also ran some burlap ribbon down the front of the door and I am using some little metal clips to attach our Christmas cards.


In the sunroom, I have put up a metal sign with the words from White Christmas on it. I love that song!  I also purchased a little faux spruce tree to go with it.


It looks so real it is amazing!


I hung the sock stretcher in this room as well with some real spruce branches and some faux berries attached.



And my cow head bell has a willow wreath with some branches of cotton attached.



One of my all time favourite ways to add some sparkle and colour is to use small glass balls in some kind of container. This year it is the wood bowl from the vintage show I went to in the fall.


I have a craft I want to share yet this year and maybe a bit on my outside décor. I’m running out of time though!



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