A Couple of Christmas Projects

I had a whole list of different projects I wanted to do this Christmas but I only accomplished 2. Which actually isn’t that bad considering how busy this season can be!

The first was using German glass glitter that I purchased back in June. It is a much nicer product than the glitter you see in craft stores with kind of a vintage feel to it.  I had a couple of galvanized hearts and a couple of cardboard letters that I wanted to spiff up a bit.



I taped off a portion of the hearts with a piece of painter’s tape.


Then I applied some glue to the top half.


I liberally sprinkled the glitter over the glue and shook off the excess.


I loved the way these turned out.


For the letters, I only applied glue to the face.


But I decided it would look better on the edges as well. That was a little tricky but I think it was worth it.


I glued these to a ribbon and hung it behind my ornament wreath.


The other project was a wreath made of inexpensive unbreakable ornaments. I used almost 4 packages of them and could have used a few more to finish off the top completely.  I didn’t want to pick another package up so I just filled in the gap with some ribbon.


I found that the top kept popping off of some of the balls so some hot glue was in order. Then, because I am not a random kind of person, I decided on a pattern and started stringing the balls onto a wire clothes hanger bent into a rough circle.  I had some help from my grandsons which then required some glue to a few of the balls as well 🙂


I am using this wreath outside because it should be able to handle the wear and tear of winter weather in Alberta. I really like the look of it.  It adds some sparkle outside with durability included!



Hope all of your plans are going well for your celebration!

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