For safety reasons we decided to drive the truck into Boston. After getting a bit lost we finally found a parkade close to Boston Common.


We started the day with a walking tour of some of the historical highlights of the city. Our guide dressed for the part.  Here he is standing at the Granary Burying Ground in front of the headstones for Paul Revere.  And yes, there are two.


The headstones here were fascinating.


In this part of Boston, the old and the new architecture is mixed together. It was really helpful to have a guide to pick out the highlights you would miss otherwise.


Old State House is the site of the Boston Massacre.


They have a marker on the ground though our guide informed us that the actual location is in the middle of the street.


The tour ended at Faneuil Hall.


We had lunch from a market behind the hall and then continued the walking tour on our own.  The trail is marked in red on the streets so it is easy to follow.  We stopped at  Paul Revere’s house and walked through it.


I am a fan of his story, part of which we had heard at the Minute Man Park a couple of days before. The true story of his famous ride is different than the popular version but interesting nonetheless.


We saw yet another round of headstones in Copp’s Hill Burying Ground. This one is from 1693.


We ended the tour with a stop at the USS Constitution, first launched in 1797. As you can see, it is under repair.  You can wander around the ship and ask questions at your leisure.


On our way back to our truck we took a stroll through the Public Garden next to Boston Common.  We walked about 5 miles that day and saw so much but I won’t bore you with all of the photos.  It is well worth taking a walking tour if you are able.

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