Massachusetts and Connecticut

After our day at Cape Code we took a day to travel west to Northhampton, Massachusetts. We had a rare afternoon where we stayed around camp.  It was great!

The next day we headed out on the bike to take in some of the interior of Massachusetts. Our first major stop was at the Yankee Candle Village in Deerfield.  We happened to see it as we were driving by but I didn’t realize that the whole building was theirs.  Oh my goodness!  90000 sq ft of candles and home décor with a huge area committed to Christmas.  In the Christmas area it snowed every few minutes.  It was an amazing retail experience.  I know that sounds shallow but it really was!


The rest of the route we took wasn’t as spectacular as we had thought it would be though we did come across some beautiful spots like this river and some interesting ferns and old stone walls.



Near the end of the drive we stopped at the Quabbin Reservoir. And it was beautiful.



This stone tower provided some gorgeous vistas though it was difficult to capture them through the glass.


We ended the day with a stop at a Trader Joe’s grocery store. I had heard about them and it was as great as what I had imagined.  Considering that I don’t like grocery shopping, this is high praise.  They carried an interesting selection and displayed it in unique ways.

The next day we headed down into Connecticut on the bike. I loved the architecture of this area and the scenery was gorgeous.








One of the stops was Kent Falls. Another chance to take water photos!


After we crossed back into Massachusetts, the roads began to wind more which was a fun way to end the day. As you can see the leaves are starting to turn more and more.



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