New York State

Because our campground was close to the border to New York, the state, we decided to take a drive through the Adirondack Mountains on our bike. The route was nice and winding with few towns to slow us down.  One of our first stops was this pullout by the Hudson River.  We saw the river when we went to New York City years ago so it was interesting to see it farther upstream.


The colours were beautiful! I don’t know what it is about fall leaves but I have a hard time resisting taking a photo!


We stopped at another pullout for our picnic lunch by Tupper Lake. It was a perfect spot to enjoy the scenery while we ate.


Of course, we couldn’t go by Lake Placid without stopping. It was crazy busy and we drove around a bit before we found a place to stop and take a photo.  We didn’t linger long.


Our route took us in a loop which became more rugged as we were in the homestretch. It reminded me more of home.  Fields and mountains.


This was the last day touring in New England. It was well worth the time to get there.

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