We left Vermont on a beautiful morning. The lake next to the campground was too good to miss photographing.


Most of the trip to Pennsylvania was on toll highways. It is a very convenient and quick way to travel but it can be a little pricey in my opinion.  The stations along the way where you can fuel up and get food, without working your way into a town, are a definite benefit when you are towing a trailer.

We set up camp near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. As I have stated many times before, we are history buffs and Gettysburg was the site of a pretty significant battle during the Civil War.  The tour was different than I expected.  The battlefield is actually all around the town.  We rented a CD and manual which we listened to in our vehicle.  It directs you to the different stops along the way and gives you information about the battle.  You can get out and walk around and take the time to reflect on what happened at each location.  It was so good and so heartbreaking at the same time.



There are many monuments all along the route. Some large and some small.  They are dedicated to the different states and military divisions that participated in the battle.



There were also 3 towers you could climb to get a good view of the area. I still got mixed up in my directions though.  🙂


The area was beautiful and it contrasted sharply with the bloody battle that was fought there.



This barn, on private property, still has a hole from a cannonball.


Though you can’t tell from this photo, this monument was huge. You could walk up some stairs inside to see the surrounding area.


Cannons were also plentiful along the route.


Near the end of the day we made a quick trip to the Visitor’s Center. I would have liked to have more time there as it housed an amazing museum, video and a Cyclorama.

The end of the tour was at the location of Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address.


This day marked the end of our time in the eastern states. We headed to South Dakota the next day.

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