Indiana and South Dakota

It took us 3 days to go from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Rapid City, South Dakota. At the beginning of our second day we stopped briefly at Indiana Dunes State Park on Lake Michigan.  We didn’t have time to explore the trails but we did walk along the lake and look over to Chicago in the distance.








They have a huge building along the beach to meet the needs of beachgoers. It was closed when we were there but we got to enjoy its beauty from the outside.


On our third day we stopped in Mitchell, South Dakota to check out the Corn Palace. The building is covered in different varieties of corn, creating murals following a theme.  It really is amazing!



Michael Jackson and


Willie Nelson were part of the exhibit.


I have to say that it was wonderful to be back in big sky country. In the east everything felt closed in.  Once we hit the countryside where you could see for miles I felt right at home.


Though I didn’t get any great photos when we travelled through Wisconsin, I hope to go back there someday. It was really beautiful.  And I did not enjoy our time pulling the trailer through Chicago. 🙂


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