Badlands National Park

We have spent quite a bit of time in National Parks with fascinating rock formations. Usually red rock.  So it was interesting to visit Badlands National Park near Rapid City where the rocks are grey and in some places even have a green tinge.  And it was good to be back on the motorbike!


We started out later in the morning and ate lunch when we arrived at the park. After a quick video at the Visitor’s Center we headed out on the road, winding around the rock formations.



The park is not really very big but it took us awhile as, of course, I had to stop and take photos constantly.



After we finished with the park we drove into the town of Wall to check out Wall Drug. It became famous many many years ago for offering free ice water to passing travelers.  It is now a huge department.  All along the our route in South Dakota the billboards for Wall Drug were prolific.


They still offer water and I took them up on it!

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