Bighorn National Forest

Our last day before heading home was spent on a drive through Bighorn National Forest. Wow, wow, wow!  One of my favorite days of our trip.

We drove past sugar beet fields on our way to the Forest. It was interesting to see the harvesting, the piles of beets and then the facility where they process them.

This is the view of the mountains as we were entering the park.


And this is our view while we ate lunch at the top. Amazing!


Up top, the road traversed through wild mountain meadows. There was something so isolated and free there.  I loved it.


At this stop we met an Amish family. At least they were dressed like Amish.  Or maybe conservative Mennonites.  They did have an Ipad though!  We drive by them awhile later on our way to an old fashioned A&W.  They waved like we were old friends.


We also made a stop at Shell Falls.


The whole ride down out of the park was stunning.


It is definitely worth a visit if you are down that way.

Well, that is the end of our trip last fall. We saw so much!  It has been good to go over the trip in my blog to refresh my memories.  I have been doing a few things in the house, which I plan to share soon.