Floor Tile and a Quilt

We have picked out our floor tile for the sunroom!  It is the one on the left with the piece of pine on it.


We chose a porcelain tile that looks like vintage wood. It comes in 6”x24” pieces which we will lay in a staggered pattern much like hardwood flooring.  The colour is a good contrast with all of the white in the sunroom and should hide the dirt.  Les has not fully recovered the use of his shoulder yet so it may be a joint effort to lay it.


I also finished the edging on a lap quilt that I started last year. This type of quilting was a learning experience for me so it isn’t perfect by any means.  Next time I will have a better understanding.  What I liked about this project was that I used up many of my fabric scraps.  It’s much better to have them in a quilt than in a box!

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