Sunroom Decor

After I painted the sunroom in my favourite milk jug white, I did a bit of decorating. That is the best part of a renovation in my opinion.  Though there is still some work to be completed, it makes it seem more finished somehow.

I hung my pompom wreath with the cast iron elk head hook. And then I hung a poster on either side using a giant clip.  The clips give me options to change up the artwork without a lot of hassle.


In between two of the windows, I hung this little mirror I made years ago. I used an Ikea mirror and glued pieces of tile and ceramic buttons I had collected to it.  Then I grouted it with a gray grout.


I may have shared this exit sign and bull head bell with you already. I dressed him up with a willow wreath and tied on a branch of cotton.


These crates I salvaged from my daughter’s place are stacked as a shelving unit right now. I want to stage them better but haven’t got around to it as of yet.  Soon, I hope.


I can’t tell you how much we enjoy this room. It is so bright and sunny in our dark Canadian winters.  We spend a lot of time here and our grandsons seem to gravitate to it.  I’m looking forward to the finished product!

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