My Spring Garden

I am going to take a little detour from photos from our trip and share a few from my gardens. I know I do this every year and they all probably look the same every year but I get so excited to see everything coming up and the first blooms appearing that I have to show you!

Our May Day tree is getting so huge. It just about spans the west side of the backyard.  It smells so good which is surprising as I usually am allergic to most floral scents.


The apple tree is also putting on a show. Les did some pruning when it was at the bud stage so I brought a few branches inside and put them in water.  I enjoyed a few days worth of blossoms this way!



I planted some tulip bulbs last fall and so far the deer haven’t eaten them. They are shorter than my tulips a couple of years ago but just as beautiful!





Of course the little violets are up as well as these little tiny daffodils and I have no idea where the daffs came from.


The trollius plants are just about to bloom. They always put on a show so I am looking forward to it.


My peonies are growing quickly now. I follow people on Instagram from the USA that have peonies blooming already!  That always makes me a little jealous.  🙂


And I have a few succulents in a corner of my patio. The white and glass stepping stone was a Mom’s Day gift from my grandsons.  The best colour in my gardens!


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