Zion and Sand Dunes

I hope you are all having an amazing long weekend. Yay for all the moisture we are getting in this part of the world.  I’m so grateful!

The day after our drive to Kanab in the southwestern corner of Utah, we drove our bikes to Zion National Park. The drive to the park is beautiful and includes a loooong tunnel with windows every now and then into the park.  Zion has different red rock scenery again.  Each park seems to have something individual and special about it.  Here there are towering red cliffs with green trees and a river below.



It is a busy park, so you have to park and take shuttles with spots to hop on and hop off. We had crepes for lunch in Springdale before we went for the shuttle ride.  Springdale is an artsy town and I would explore it more if I had the time.

We only hopped off once, to take the short hike up to the Grotto. Here the water seeps out of the rock and falls like a gentle sheet of rain.




After leaving Zion and heading back to Kanab we stopped at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. I wish they would have had some off road rides to rent because it would have been fun to explore it for an hour or so.  We did get a good view from a platform and walked around a bit in the sand and took some photos.




It was a good day, relaxing, in preparation for the next day at the Grand Canyon.