The Grand Canyon

The day before we had to take my son and his girlfriend to the airport, we decided to see the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, when we had arrived in Kanab we were told that the road to the north entrance to the Grand Canyon had not yet opened.  But there was a back way.  We had a truck and a sense of adventure so we decided to give it a try.

We headed out and took forestry roads to the official entrance. The roads were gravel and often had snow drifts on them but we made it through ok.


But alas, when we got to the entrance, it was locked up tight. We were not to be deterred that easily.  We took a road to the east end overlooking the canyon.  A good view but not what we were looking for.


We headed back west again and took side road after side road trying to find one where we could get to the rim of the canyon. The snow was deep enough in places that we would have to turn around.  We eventually got stuck on what I thought was an ATV trail.  After digging ourselves out, I decided that, though we were only 10 miles or so from the canyon, we needed to be heading back to camp.  It was late in the afternoon and we didn’t have any cell service.  Until we passed a sign for Vista Viewpoints…  We agreed to give it one more shot.

It was like a gift from God. The road was mostly clear from snow and well maintained.  As we drove closer to the canyon (or what we hoped was closer) the sun broke through the clouds and then there it was.  It was breathtaking!  Les and I have seen the south rim a couple of times but there was something wilder and untamed about this rim.  We all felt the wonder and awe of this inspiring place.




Afterwards, we reflected on how much like life this day was. You make wrong turns and choices that take you places you shouldn’t be going.  But God, in His mercy, continues to shape your path.  And if you are willing, brings to where you should be.  Praise Him!

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