Heading to Blanding

The day after dropping off the kids at the airport in Salt Lake City, we headed across southern Utah and northern Arizona to Page. Page is close to a reservoir where we thought we could enjoy a day or two relaxing in the sun.  We passed one campground on the west side of Page and then found out that there was only one other in town that provided what we were looking for.  And it was too full.  Though it looked like a beautiful area, we decided to continue on to Blanding, Utah, a town we had been eyeing up for this vacation as a central spot for a few bike trips.

The roads to Blanding were fairly flat for the most part. But the colours of the earth changed from pinks to deep reds.  It was beautiful.





Something else that I noticed, particularly on this day, was the way the red of the earth reflected on the underside of the clouds above. I don’t know if it is clearly visible in these photos, but it was that day.



From Blanding we went on several bike adventures. Stay tuned!

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