Desk Rescue

Last year, I hauled home a metal desk that had been left behind in the basement of my daughter’s new property. It was a vintage hospital green colour with arborite glued to the top.  I’m sure Les must have thought I was crazy.


And after I pulled the arborite off the top, I discovered why it was there.



Yup, crazy. But there was something about it that encouraged me to continue.


I tried sanding the paint off with visions of spraying it white once I had cleaned it up. But that green paint was tough.  So I ended up using paint stripper and scraping the majority off.  I didn’t strip it off surfaces that won’t be seen unless the drawers are opened or someone crawls around underneath.

When I was close to finished, I started to question whether I wanted to paint it. There was something industrial chic about leaving it in its unfinished state.



So that’s what I did. I buffed it up with a palm sander which gave it a brushed steel look.  And then sprayed it with a clear coat to keep it from rusting.




Wow! I love it!  So much!  Even the damage on the top!  It will eventually reside in our spare bedroom but for now it is the first thing you see when you walk into the sunroom.

I love it when a project works out better than expected!

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