Metal Drawers and Randomness

I thought I would take a break from travel photos today and show you a bit of my home. I have had a busy summer but haven’t documented much of what I have done on my blog.  I’ve painted a room and I am currently painting trims and doors in the sunroom.  Not a fun job but a necessary one.

I recently purchased this metal drawer cabinet from a local Facebook site called Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Folks donate items and then you bid on them.  The money raised goes to help people that need a hand.  It’s a great cause and you can find some interesting items!


I’m not sure yet what I am going to do to it. Perhaps repaint it in black or white.  Or maybe strip it down as I did with my desk.  It has some interesting hardware on it that I like as well.


I found this big, oddly shaped, glass bottle when I was in the city for an appointment a few days ago. It is sitting on top of an armoire we moved into the sunroom.  Although it is new, it looks like something that was handmade long ago.


I purchased this little cup set in a holder from a local antiques dealer – Log Cabin Collectibles. I have many little violets growing in my garden so I transplanted a few for this summer.  They may not bloom this year but I love the look even as it is.


Our tomatoes are growing well. I can’t wait for them to ripen!

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And I will end off with these sweet little pansies. Or violets.  I can’t remember which.  Behind them you can see a large copper windchime.  I finally splurged and purchased one that sounds like music when it rings.  My other windchimes have been relegated to places in my yard where they don’t compete with the beautiful sound.  🙂


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