A Chalk Paint Finish in a Can!

I finished a couple “have to do” projects last week so this week I took the time to do a “want to do” project. And it was a quick one!  Remember this cabinet I share with you last week?


Yesterday, I painted it! I used 2 Krylon products that we have in our store.  The first was the chalky finish in misty grey.  The second one was a wax coating.


I started by giving the cabinet a light sanding and wiping it down. Then I used painters tape to cover the metal hardware that I didn’t want painted.  That was the time consuming part of this project!



Then I sprayed the cabinet with several thin coats to prevent the paint from running. I believe this photo was after the first coat.


This paint dries in 20 to 25 minutes so it didn’t take long to get the coverage that I wanted.


When it was totally dry, I sprayed on the wax coating. After 15 minutes you buff it to the sheen that you want.  Now, I have to say that I sped through the buffing and I wish I had taken more time.  But the pool at the cabin was at 36° so what can I say?

This morning, I buffed it up again but I ended up adding a layer of my favorite beeswax just to finish it off. I think if I had taken the time originally the spray would have worked out fine.  I would have used a second coat of spray this morning but by the time I decided it needed more, I had taken the tape off.




I really like the way it turned out and I think it would be fun to try using this spray on projects that I want to distress. It comes in several different colours and is quick to use.

Our May Day tree is turning to fall colours already! Hopefully, we will still have a few summer days over the next few weeks!


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