An Autumn Mantel

It is definitely fall in beautiful Alberta. The leaves are almost all gold.  The morning air has a certain crispness to it.  Fields are being harvested.  And my glass pumpkin collection has come out of storage.


This year I tucked them on my mantel among some brass candlesticks and wood bobbins.


I painted this fireplace several years ago. It used to be red brick.  I really liked that look for many years but in my desire for a lighter, brighter space lately, I painted it.  And I don’t regret it one little bit.


I have picked up a few brass candlesticks at thrift shops this year to add to a few that I have had for many years. Brass and autumn just seem to go together!


I also picked this mum up a couple of weeks ago. I am babying it along, taking it in at night.  Down east they have all sorts of pumpkins and mums out late into the fall.  Unfortunately, our frost won’t allow us to do that.


I will probably forget to take it in one of these nights but I will enjoy it until then!

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