Plans for 2017

Happy New Year! My Christmas decorations are pretty much put away.  2017 is before me like a clean slate.  So what do I want to accomplish this year?

I want to start eating healthier. Not as much sugar.  Sugar is my downfall.  So celery is in the fridge, ready for when I get the munchies.


The quilt I made for Les with Harley Davidson tshirts is ready for the trim to be put on. The ladies in our church did the quilting and from what I understand it was a tough go because of the backing I fused to the tshirts to stabilize them.  Thanks ladies!


I need to go through the piles of paperwork in several places in my house. A better organizing system is needed.


I took an e-course in the fall for crocheting beaded bracelet wraps. I am excited to get started.


I have a couple of photo books that I want to put together. One for our spring trip in 2016 and one for my favorite photos of 2016.  I didn’t take as many photos with my good camera this year and I would like to do more of that again.


I still need to recover a chair at the cabin. I want to fix some grout in the floor of the sunroom.  My son is getting married in September so I will be involved with that.  We have some travel plans.  The year is full!

But I do have one idea that I have been mulling around in my mind for a few months. I think I would like to do a vintage style market in my sunroom one day in August.  It is a style that I love and I think it would be fun.  A lot of work but fun.  What do you think of that idea?

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