Treasures from Mom

Over the last week we have been going through items in storage at my mom’s place. I found some fun vintage items with tons of nostalgia attached.  Some of them will be tucked away as storage pieces like my grade 6 Barbie lunchbox.  But others can be cleaned up and put on display.

This box is one of several that either my dad or one of his employees built for power tools in his construction business. I hope it was made by my dad but there isn’t any way to tell for sure.  I’m thinking some paint might be in order for this piece.

I also picked up this box. Again I don’t know if Dad made it but if not, it probably came from his business.  Paint or just some hemp oil?  I’ll have to give it some thought.

This painting was given to my grandmother some time after my mom’s family moved to Canada. I looked around for the artist on the internet.  I think I may have found him which is cool!

Wouldn’t you love to live here?

Mom said she made pickles in this crock. Love that!

So it’s a win win situation. Mom clears up some of her storage space and I take home some family history.



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