The Harley Davidson Quilt

Over the years, Les has collected t-shirts from Harley Davidson dealerships across Canada and the USA. I think he wore all of them but the main purpose for getting them was to have a quilt made from the artwork and emblems.

Last year he cut out squares and, when I had time, I pieced them into a quilt top. Because it was stretchy t-shirt fabric, each square had to be reinforced with an iron on backing.

I delivered it to the quilting ladies at our church and they worked their magic. It was a tough job because the backing on each square made it really difficult to get their needles through.  After they finished their part it came home and sat for a couple of months until I had time to put the gray binding around the edge.

It is now done! Yay!  What a job this has been!

It is going to go in our trailer but I took a few photos on our bed in the house to show you the finished product.

We even used the pockets on a couple of t-shirts.

I am really pleased with the results. At some point I would love to get a heavy duty sewing machine so that it possible to machine quilt projects like this.  I’m sure the quilting ladies would be happy with that!

One by one, I am checking off some of my to-do list for this winter. Unfortunately, I am adding things as well!

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