Chair Slipcover Part One

A year or two ago, I purchased fabric to sew a slipcover for this chair.

It was given to us for use in our cabin but the colour really didn’t work with the décor there. So I decided that I would try my hand at a more complicated slipcover.  The chair was fairly worn but was still comfortable enough to put the effort into this project.

I purchased the blue floral and blue ticking stripe but the more I thought about it, I realized that I needed some plain fabric so that I didn’t need to worry about matching patterns. So, I pulled out the leftover white denim I had used on a slipcover for a stool.  I also dug out the leftover yellow denim I had used on a chair.  I used the yellow in places that wouldn’t be seen because of cushions.  I also used some blue fabric that I had other plans for.

You can see in this photo that the back cushion was attached to the chair. I didn’t want to slipcover right over the top of it because I thought it would look too chunky.

So, I started to rip the stitching and pull the cushion off. This is what I was left with.

I tacked the fabric to the wood frame underneath with some staples.

I had thought that I didn’t need to cover that mess because the slipcover would hide it. But it made a mess every time I put the slipcover on and pulled it off.  At the end of the project I had a brain wave!  I pulled out a piece of fusible interfacing and ironed it on over top.  Worked like a charm!

Now on to the actual cover!

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