A Scrap Quilt

You may have noticed that I don’t blog as often as I used to :).  Life has gotten very busy with many commitments.  But I can’t quite give it up!  I still do little projects when I have the time and this is one that I did back in April.

I have a lot of scraps of cotton and while getting frustrated sewing a dress, I got sidetracked and started a quilt! I gathered all of the blues that I had and started cutting strips of whatever lengths I could salvage out of the scraps.  The quilt is up at the cabin right now so I can’t measure them, but I think I cut them 3 inches wide using a mat and rotary cutter.  Then I sewed them into a long strips.

I tried something different with this quilt for the backing. I used a spray adhesive that washes out to stick the backing to the batting.  It worked ok but I still got some tucks in the back no matter how taut I tried to keep it.

I sewed the strips to the backed quilt batting on an angle and a ¼ inch seam. I found on a previous project that trying to follow the edge ended in frustration.  On one of the corners of the batting, I sewed a little piece to start.  Then laying the strips right side together, I sewed on another strip.  This strip then gets pressed down and another strip is sewn on top.  You continue with this process until you have covered the whole batting.

After trimming off the excess, I did a quick edging which honestly isn’t how it would be done if you are a good quilter but it works for a project that is just using up scraps.

I like the way it turned out and hopefully it gets used up at the cabin on cool summer evenings or cold winter days.

Everything is getting so green in this part of the country.  I took some quick photos about a week ago before my yard clean up began.  Spring is so beautiful!

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