A Downspout Option

I have been very busy with wedding plans for our son and his fiancé so I haven’t had much time for blogging these days! But I did want to share a little home improvement we did back in May.

The land under and around our house is gravel with very little topsoil so drainage is never a problem. But getting the rain from our roof to the ground can be.  One downspout is right near our door and having a big black pipe there was not my idea of pretty.

So when Les poured the concrete pad in front of the door he incorporated a drain pipe filled with gravel. We hung a rain chain and put it down into the drain pipe.

Our siding is green so I found some decorative rock to cover the gravel.

It works really well except in a heavy rainstorm when the rain chain can’t keep up with the water flow.  Having the chain end in the gravel keeps it from blowing around.

I love the look and it is so much better than a black downspout!

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