USA Days 9 and 10

From Kansas we made our way to Oklahoma.  I wasn’t feeling very well on this day so I didn’t take many photos.  But the next day we were back on the bike!

We toured around in northwestern Oklahoma.  The day was quite grey which made it more comfortable temperature wise.  We did drive through a rainstorm at one point but it was warm enough that it wasn’t a problem.

Our first major stop was at Roman Nose State Park.  It looked like quite a nice campground with a couple of small lakes.  It was almost empty though when we went through.

The next stop was Glass Mountain State Park.  Or Gloss Mountain State Park.  It looked like it has been called both.  It was so strange to see these red hills rising up out of the prairie.  But they were quite spectacular.  I even managed to hike to the top!

You can see our bike in the parking lot!

The next unexpected place was Little Sahara State Park.  A huge sand dune of pink sand.  It wasn’t busy here either but it was well set up for ATV’s and camping.

Oklamhoma, Kansas, and Nebraska were not what we expected.  We thought they would be flat prairie, but they were so much more.  Absolutely worth checking out!