USA Fall Days 11 to 14

Days 11and 12 were travel days for this trip.  Day 11 we moved camp to Texas and Day 12 we picked up a friend at Dallas Fort Worth Airport and headed to Bastrop.  On Day 13 my friend and I went to the Round Top Antiques Show while Les went on a bike ride.  This was a bucket list item for me.  I have heard a lot about this show but was totally overwhelmed by how large it was!  It is composed of hundreds of shops set up in buildings or in tents in clearings along the roads around the little town of Round Top.  We only saw a tiny fraction of it but it was worth the stop.  Unfortunately, I hardly took any photos!

Day 14 we headed to Fredericksburg.  It is a charming town filled with many old buildings and unique shops.  Thankfully, our campground provided a brochure so we could make an informed decision of what we wanted to see.  We started with the Texas Ranger Heritage Center.  It is still being developed but you came away with an appreciation for those who serve.

Next stop was Fort Martin Scott, right beside the Heritage Center.  I love history, so I soaked it in.  I didn’t have my SLR camera with me for these two stops but my iphone camera does quite well.

Next up was ST Mary’s Catholic Church, old and new.  I had my wide angle lens on my camera so the buildings are distorted but they are beautiful.  My friend enjoys photography as well so Les patiently waited in the truck and let us take our time.

We decided to walk over to the main street and check out a few shops.  They had a delectable chocolate shop.  Yum!  It seems like just about every trip we take has a stop at a chocolate shop!

And then the merchandiser in me soaked in a shop called Farm Haas.  Their displays were so amazing!  I could have spent a lot of money and time there.  I didn’t but I could have!

The last stop of the day was Old Tunnel State Park.  At dusk, 3 million bats leave the tunnels to feed during the night.  As it gets dark, you start to see one here and there and then more and more until they are swirling all around in the sky.  It was AMAZING!  So worth the stop.  They didn’t fly close enough to be freaky.  It was just fascinating! 

Sorry for the blurry picture but it was impossible to get a good shot with all of the motion and the lack of light.  Off to San Antonio for Day 15!