USA Day 17

Our last full day with my friend was spent in Waco, Texas.  Les went on a motorbike ride while we checked out Magnolia Silos and some of the area beside the river running through Waco.

We decided to leave our big cameras behind  and so I shot with my iphone for most of the day.  It was nice not to have the extra weight of my camera to haul around!

Magnolia Silos are famous for fans of the show Fixer Upper.  The couple from that show has turned the area around a couple of old silos in Waco into a tourist destination.  Because it was autumn, there were lots of pumpkins around for decoration.

There is a garden area, with lots of inspiration to grow your own garden and a shop to help with that effort.  

 A large part of the grounds is dedicated to a play area with picnic tables and garden boxes around it.  We ate our lunch from the food trailers on the premises.

We took quite a bit of time to explore the shop.  I was enthralled with a lot of the different merchandizing ideas!  We each picked out a couple of small items to bring back with us.

And of course, you can’t go to the Silos without checking out the bakery.  The cupcake selection was wonderful!

We did leave the grounds and took the trolley around downtown for a bit but didn’t really see much there.  Maybe we were in the wrong area but other than an antique store and a pie shop (which we no longer had an appetite for after the bakery), we didn’t find much to entertain us.

It was a hot day so it was nice to hop into the truck and blast the air conditioning and drive down to the river.  We walked around in a few different areas there, checking out bridges, the unique vegetation and some wonderful bronze sculptures.

Back at the campround, we wandered around and took photos of some vintage vehicles.  We did use our SLR cameras here but these photos are just from my phone.

The Silos were a fun stop on this trip.  And if I had the time, I would explore the area around Waco as well.

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