USA Days 18, 19 and 20

Over a month has gone by since I last posted!  How can life get so busy?

When I last posted, we were in Waco, Texas.  The day after our visit to Magnolia Silos, we took my friend back to the airport.  On the way back to our campground, we stopped in Fort Worth at the Barse flagship store.  I am a big fan of Barse jewelry.  They use a lot of natural stones and silver or bronze.  And most pieces are statement pieces.  So a quick stop to pick up something there was a highlight for me.  Afterwards we stopped for coffee in a pretty plaza and then had to quickly head back to the truck before our meter ran out. 

Back at the campground, I did some laundry while Les ran some errands.  It poured rain for quite awhile that afternoon.

Day 19 we were off to Louisiana.  Other than taking Les unintentionally on a detour, this day was fairly uneventful.  We camped near Lake Charles in a really nice campground.  The host of the campground told us to check out Steamboat Bill’s for some Cajun cooking.  Now I assume they take it easy on the spices for newbies like us for which I am grateful.  Les had a giant baked potato. I had seafood gumbo and we shared some fried alligator.  We really enjoyed the meal.     

Day 20 we were off to explore bayous on our bike.  It was a very hot day so we used water to douse ourselves regularly to keep cool.  It was fascinating seeing the water along the road with boats running up and down what looked like ditches. 

We stopped at the Wetland Walkway and saw a few baby alligators.  I hope you can see them in this photo.

We followed the coast for a stretch as well.  The water was off limits for swimming.  Houses here and in many places in the area are built on stilts.

For lunch we had shrimp poboys.  They were so yummy! 

We were on the bike for the whole day, driving past bayous and then agricultural land.  We also got to check out some trees with amazing spanish moss.  Everything was much more lush than at home. 

Next stop – Mississippi!