USA Days 24, 25 and 26

On day 24 we left Mississippi heading to Kentucky.  Unfortunately, we took a wrong turn and end up going from Mississippi to Tennessee to Arkansas to Missouri to Tennessee and finally to Kentucky.  Whew!   

Our plan for the next day was a bike ride at Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky and into Tennessee.  Our day started out in rain but cleared off and was beautiful by the end.  Land Between the Lakes is between Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. 

There are places to pull off along the route to check out sites such as the Great Western Furnace which was used to process iron-ore in the 1850’s.

At the end of the route we ate some BBQ, a must do in the southern states, and then took another scenic, winding road to the Danville Ferry. 

We stopped for a break in Paris before heading back to our campground.

On day 26, we packed up camp to head to eastern Kentucky.  The day was cool, which was a relief after the heat we had been experiencing.  The last few miles to get to the campground were a challenge.  The roads were narrow and the incline into the campground itself was steep.  It was a white knuckle route.  After we were set up, we took a quick bike ride to see the surrounding area.  The roads wound through horse acreages with beautiful old barns.  It was gorgeous!

Our next stop?  The Ark Encounter in northern Kentucky.