USA Day 27

Day 27 was the day that we experienced the Ark Encounter in Kentucky.  It is one of those sites that you work your itinerary around.  I had followed the construction of this attraction online and was eager to see what they had to say.

Because the weather was overcast, it was the perfect day for sightseeing indoors.  The Ark Encounter was easy to find, park and then climb aboard a bus to be driven to the ark.  I think they must be able to move large crowds easily this way.  And the view when the ark comes into sight is amazing!

The grounds are beautiful with many more things to do than just take in the ark.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to see everything else that is offered on the grounds or in the nearby Creation Museum.  There are little shops and food venues available as well as a huge buffet facility with affordable and delicious food. 

The ark itself was so worth the trip.  Its 3 floors were filled with videos, information boards, storage and constructions suggestions, dioramas and life size figure displays.  They discuss the flood as well as topics like creation vs. evolution and they make very effective and scientific arguments.  It is truly very well done.   

After our day at the ark, we varied our route back to the campground slightly and stopped for a few photos (including a tobacco drying barn).   

Next stop is Tennessee which quickly became one of our favorite states.

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