USA Days 28 and 29

Ahh Tennessee.  What a beautiful state!  Lots of mountains and fields and exciting roads on the bike!  Day 28 was travelling from Kentucky to Sweetwater, Tennessee and some general housekeeping like laundry.  But even laundry is interesting when you travel because of the wonderful conversations you have while waiting!

Day 29 was one of the best of our trip.  The highlight was driving the “Tail of the Dragon.  It has 318 curves in 11 miles and was so much fun to drive!  Some people seemed intent on driving it as fast as they could but we took our time and thoroughly enjoyed it!

At the end of the Tail you cross over into North Carolina.  We stopped for lunch at a beautiful overlook.

We then continued on to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  It was crowded but stunning!

At the other end of the road we got stuck in traffic for quite some time.  Eventually we headed out of the jam and made our way back to the trailer.

It was a long but absolutely spectacular day!  And there were still two more days in Tennessee to enjoy!

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