USA Days 30 and 31

Day 30 started in Sweetwater.  We mailed some postcards and stopped at an interesting Cheese Factory to take a few photos.  We also stopped at the Sweetwater Flea Market and tried pork rinds and boiled peanuts from the Hillbilly Snack Shack.  The pork rinds were tasty, the boiled peanuts not so much.

Our day was spent driving west of Sweetwater with a stop at the Cumberland Mountain State Park to eat lunch.

On the way back we were treated to a few more vistas.

We made another stop at the Watts Lake Nuclear Plant and the dam and locks on the Tennessee River.  We met a local fellow there who treated us to a wide range of topics:  local sites, bikes, travels, turtle soup, his jobs, his life, his mom, his relationships, fishing, carrying a gun, best places to eat, his pension…   So interesting!

Day 31 we headed east of Sweetwater again.  Our route took us on the Cherohala Skyway with a trip down a side road to the Bald River Falls. 

Back on the Skyway we climbed in elevation where we could take in some beautiful views.  Unfortunately, for some of the drive we hit fog so it was difficult to see very far into the distance.

It cleared suddenly and we were back to the beauty that is eastern Tennessee.

We stopped at Lake Santeetiah and by a dam on the Little Tennessee River.

Our route took us back over the Tail of the Dragon but in the opposite direction.  We got stuck behind a truck pulling a trailer which was alarming as he had to swing over the center line to get around some of the corners.  It was an accident waiting to happen! 

It was tough to leave Tennessee but we needed to get going.  Arkansas is our next stop!