USA – The Last Days

We drove from Arkansas to Dodge City, Kansas where we spent the night.  We had hoped to explore the town more but we only had a few days left and decided to spend one oin our next stop – Cheyenne, Wyoming.

It took us another day to reach our destination.  Two days on the road for most the day is tiring.  It was good to explore for a day before the final push home.

It was a crazy windy day when we explored the area.  Windy enough that we drove the truck rather than the bike.  On the highway, trucks and RV’s were pulled off all over the place.

We started the day in downtown Cheyenne.  We took in the old train depot and other architecture and art work surrounding it.

The train depot had a tile floor showing the railroad across the western states.  They did a really good job of it.

After lunch, we headed west to Laramie.  We stopped at the Ames Monument.

And at a monument to Abraham Lincoln at an elevation 8640 feet.  I am a fan of Abraham Lincoln.

We continued on past Laramie for quite a while.  It was pretty bleak on this road and we wondered where cattle would find water.

We left Cheyenne the next day and took 2 days to get home.  What an amazing adventure we had.  We hope to have another one this year, though significantly shorter.  We still have a lot of states to check off our list!

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