I have developed a bit of an attraction to copper over the last few months.  It doesn’t really go with the colour scheme in my house but there is just something about that warm copper colour that draws me in.  And I have enough pieces now to decorate my mantel!    

I made a backdrop with barnwood from our barnyard for photography but I ended up using it here instead.  For now.  The bell on it is from our milk cow when I was a girl.  I spent a lot of time listening for that bell!

I have collected the copperware from antique and thrift stores and from retail stores.  I have also purchased a couple of pieces online.

I am trying not to spend a lot of money on this collection.  I am looking for interesting pieces with a reasonable price tag.  That should help me keep it under control!

I have heard that copper cookware is great to cook with.  Anybody have experience with that?   t 2;

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