A Potting Bench Platform

I have always appreciated the look of recycled materials in a garden.  And I have the chance to use some of our own used lumber to create a platform to build a potting bench.

This year, we removed several spruce trees from our backyard.  They had grown so tall that the grass struggled to grow in some places.  And their branches were dying on the bottom.  We left a double row on the east side and the west side.  And on the west side I have decided to build a potting bench.

First I decided to use recycled materials to build a small platform to put the bench on. 

I used two 4×4 frames that we had used for years for horseshoe pits.  And I screwed on old fence boards.

I love the look of the different shades of green of the boards.  They still need to be washed and leveled but I am liking the look so far.

I have a couple of large window frames, some spindles and shutters that I want to incorporate in some way.  And maybe some lights and pots of flowers. And, and, and…