Backyard Wall Plans

We have made some significant changes to our backyard this year.  The south side used to be a double row of spruce trees.  But the trees are getting big and old and blocked a lot of light to our yard.  So we took out the middle section of them and planted some grass.  We also moved our shed so that it provided a bit of a barrier to the area behind it.  A larger business shed provides more shelter and we are building a section of gate/fence out of treated lumber.  But a significant part of the barrier will be a stone wall.

This is the view from the side of the shed looking west toward our neighbor’s yard.  You can see a section of spruce that remains on the right side of the photo.  The potting bench is in there.  We are going to dig up the gravel here and replace it with soil and plant grass seed.

Running from the south side of the shed to almost the west side of the property we are going to pour a strip of concrete.  And then we are going to use some concrete landscape blocks that we have a build a wall.  It will provide an excellent barrier to the work that goes on behind it.

This view looks north.  You can barely make out the potting bench in the trees to the right.  I got help to move a 12’ pallet into the trees to build a place for kids to play but I think I will move it to the other section of trees on the east side of the property.

This area is a mess.  It became a dumping ground for our scraps of this and that and for our business.  But I am going to change that!  Wouldn’t a cute little kid’s deck area look perfect in here?

We hopefully start construction on the wall tomorrow!  I will keep you updated!