Milk Painted Candlesticks

I helped my Mom clean out some of the “stuff” she has had in storage for many years.  I nabbed some spindles that she wasn’t going to use and put a couple of them on my new potting bench.  (Which I have used a lot since I built it!)

I took another couple of them and made some candlesticks.  I had purchased some milk paint awhile ago and thought it would be the perfect place to use it.

I started by drilling a couple of holes in the ends of the spindles.  I used a spade bit and made sure that a candle ferrule would fit in the hole.

I then screwed a square base onto them to stabilize them.

I mixed up a small amount of milk paint and brushed on a coat.  The first coat always looks a little thin with milk paint but you need to push through to the second coat.

Milk paint dries quickly so a second coat can be applied within a short amount of time.  After a light sanding, I applied a coat of hemp oil and voila!  A pair of candlesticks!


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