What’s Blooming in the Garden?

My little flower garden is valiantly blooming.  The tree next to it has taken over the space and the garden gets very little sunlight.  I think it will have to be moved.  But that’s for next year!

I have a few lilies blooming at the moment.

And the Lady’s Mantle is so subtley perfect.

My peonies are still buds.  I think all the peonies in the rest of Canada are already done!

The violas are growing all over the garden.  And I am happy to let them do that.

The lamb’s ears are in a down year.  I don’t know how well they prosper in other gardens, but mine seem to flourish for a few years and then die back to only a few small plants for a year or so.  Then they take off again.

And the columbines are perfection!

How are your gardens doing?

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