I Painted Pumpkins

I love all colours of pumpkins.  Orange, green, white … it doesn’t matter.  But in Alberta, where it freezes early in the fall, you can’t use real pumpkins outside.  So faux pumpkins are the solution for me.  But I have only found them in orange and white. 

I decided to try painting my own green pumpkins.  I started by purchasing several shades of inexpensive craft paint – dark green, cream, a light green, a medium green and an aqua colour.  I started by mixing a small amount of 3 of the colours.  (please forgive the blurry photo)

I painted on one layer of paint and then sat back and decided that I needed to make the vertical indents of the pumpkin darker.  So I made another blend of paint to accomplish that.

Then I continued to make a variety of blends and layered them over the pumpkin.

I painted the stem black to begin with.

And then I layered on taupe and grey paints in streaks.

To finish of the project, I used a layer of beeswax to bring out a waxier finish, much like true pumpkins.  The first photo has wax on the right side.

I plunked them on a couple of urns outside my front door.  You can see that I also have orange faux pumpkins as well.

I really like the way the painting turned out but I see now that they are a little too green.  They should be more grey green to look more realistic.  So next year I may be making a change…

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