A September Holiday (Part 1)

Les and I decided to head south for a couple of weeks the beginning of September.  The weather was still beautiful for motorbike riding and we had a break in our farm obligations.  We camped close to Fernie on the first night.  We stayed at a provincial campground but had a spot with electricity which is handy in the trailer.

The next day we drove into Idaho to a campground at Kamiah (prounounced Cami-eye).  The views were gorgeous in many places along this route.  We were surprised at the amount of farmland and the steep hills.

We loaded up the bike for an overnight in Missoula the next day.  We rode over Lolo Pass.  It is a beautiful drive beside a river pretty much the whole way.

We ate supper that evening at McKenzie River Pizza Company.  Yum!  Then the next morning we headed back to the trailer.  The day was overcast with a little bit of rain.  We stopped at a couple of sites along the road.

Including this pretty little waterfall.  Though they are hard to see from the road, many streams feed into the larger river.  We stopped at this one and I had some fun with my camera.   

I haven’t taken the time over the last year or so to lose myself with my camera in a beautiful location.  This day provided that for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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