I have made 2 quilts in my life.

The first one I made many years ago.  It is a patchwork quilt made with a pattern for the squares.  I pieced the top together and then hand quilted it using an embroidery hoop.  It has stood up really well to years of use but recently I have noticed the wear and tear on it.  I’m sure we will use it until it is falling apart!



The second quilt I made was only a couple of years ago.  It is pieces of coordinating fabric pieced together haphazardly.  I quilted it on my sewing machine and it just about did my machine in.  It is a lap quilt and we use it in our trailer when the weather is cooler.




So which do you like?  Organized pattern or haphazard?

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3 thoughts on “Quilting

    1. Mutiara

      Thank you very much. I do sew quilt tops for this great charity and have also rieeevcd one from them. The quilts are wonderful and made me feel like I was being hugged by lots and lots of caring people!