Idaho to Nevada

After our time in the Lolo Pass area, we headed south to Boise with full intentions to spend the next day on the bike touring the area.  The drive to Boise followed along the Salmon River.  If we had known more about the area, we would have booked a rafting adventure as it is a good location for that.  Next time!

This road went from wide open vistas to mountains and waterfalls.  It was so beautiful and so unexpected.

That night in Boise we realized that we were in for a stormy day the next day so we decided to continue on to Eureka, Nevada.  Now the first part of the trip looked like this – sagebrush for miles.

But then we crossed the border and it started looking up.

We drove through the Wild Horse State Recreational Area.

And then we started driving through farmland.  The sun was starting to set when we arrived in Eureka.  The campground we stayed at had some old vehicles on display as well as an old building.  So I quickly grabbed my camera and had some fun.

We came to this part of Nevada to tour the “Loneliest Road in America”.  Though I was reluctant to bike this road for obvious reasons, I was in for a surprise…   

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