A Garden Perspective

I have a little garden that contains my favorite perennial flowers.  Several years ago it was a much bigger garden with a stone pathway running through it.  But I found, with all the other priorities I have in my life, I needed to shrink it down to something manageable.  And so now it has some peonies and some lilies.  A poppy and some lamb’s ears.  And in a little rock pile some hens and chicks are peeking out.  The garden is big enough to be called a garden and small enough that it only takes me a half hour to weed.


I have some yellow trollius in the garden and they are always the first to bloom.  The buds are just about ready to burst.


And I have a new gazing ball.  My green glass one was broken by an adventurous grandson so I ordered this one from our store.  I like it so much more than the green one  The only problem is you can’t take a picture of it without being in the picture!  I used a rag to take a bit of dust off of the gazing ball and decided to put it in my pocket rather than leaving it laying on the ground and risk including it in the picture.  I forgot that you could see it in the reflection!  Oh well 🙂

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5 thoughts on “A Garden Perspective

  1. Pat Holmes

    I didn’t know they were called a gazing ball 🙂 Your trollius is way ahead of mine, I don’t even have buds yet.