2019 Christmas Mantel

I did something totally different for our Christmas mantel this year.  Usually it is all about candles and candleholders.  This year I wanted my version of a Scandinavian look.  Metal, wood and red.

I usually like to hang a wreath above the mantel but this year I decided to use a swag.  I created my own using 6 faux greenery branches and a piece of dowelling.

I wrapped the back branches with wire to the dowelling and then continued to wire on the rest of the branches.

I added a bow in the middle and a wire to hang it from a hook.

I really like the look of it.  The faux branches I used were a good quality that I have in the gift shop in our store.

On the mantel I used a couple of signs and a few pieces of wood Christmas décor – a candle pyramid, a small nativity, an advent calendar (which lights up) and a music box.  For metal, I used a couple of galvanized houses (which light up) and another nativity.  Then I sprinkled in a few bottle brush trees, an ornament and even a small red gear from my mom’s.  

I am just about done with my decorating this year.  Just waiting for some real greenery to arrive to finish up outside.  How are your decorating plans going?

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