On To Lake Tahoe

After our wonderful day in Yosemite, we left our hotel in Sonora and headed to Lake Tahoe.  In Sonora, a gentleman told us that #4 would be the road to take, which was a confirmation of the plans we had already made.  This route was so varied.  We saw lakes,

And forests,

And mountain views.

The road narrowed down over a pass.  It was really nice to be on a bike for this bit.  It wound through the forest and out into spectacular viewpoints.

Now I had figured that we would make it to Lake Tahoe in good time.  But because of that slow road we arrived just before supper.  The gentleman from Sonora had suggested that we go to a spot called Emerald Bay.  We eventually found it.  It was so lovely!

We had a quick supper in Lake Tahoe and didn’t do much else to explore as there was a major jam in traffic going in to town.  We backtracked a little and headed back in Minden, Nevada for the night.  The next day was back to the trailer and the day after that saw us headed down the eastern section of the Loneliest Road.   

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