Winter Mantel

When the Christmas mantel is disassembled, I put together a new mantel that is a little more neutral until Spring.  I decided to go with a silver theme, with my metal houses front and center.

I did include a couple pieces of silver plate and tucked in a pair of opera binoculars.

I’ve purchased all of the metal houses in the last year or so, including three of them I picked up yesterday in our store!

I usually only polish silver that will be used for food so this coffee pot and the salt and pepper shakers are well tarnished.  I love that look!  And the detail on the shakers is so pretty.

The lavender in the coffee pot is from Blue Hills Lavender in BC.  This company makes a variety of products from the lavender they grow.  It all smells lovely!

The weather has been quite nice for January in Alberta this winter.  But I am looking forward to spring and all the colours it brings!