My Studio…Room

I finished up the room that I am calling my studio…room.  Calling it just my “studio” seems undeserved.  Like you have to be a true artist to have a studio.  Maybe someday!

On this wall, I set up a station where I can learn to paint.  I am reading books on the subject and just playing with paint.  I also set up our old Mac computer.  The grandkids have had some fun playing the old games so I thought I would keep it available for now.

This wall has a curtain that I can move across it to take photos.  I will have to move the dresser and a few other things to be able to do that but, as it doesn’t happen often, I am willing to have that inconvenience.    

Here is my sewing station.  I rarely sew clothing anymore, but I do love to do a bit of quilting once in awhile.  I have plenty of floor space now to set up my ironing board without bumping into things.

And this is my main storage area.  I put it together a few years ago.  The curtains keep it from looking too cluttered.

So there it is.  We rearranged, and painted and finished the baseboard.  There is still some tweaking to do, but I will do that as I use the space.  I have already used it quite a bit and look forward to more time here.

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